I finished reading "Chasing The Sun: Dictionary-Makers and the Dictionaries They Made"

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Mar 29, 2012 20:51
Today, I finished reading "Chasing The Sun: Dictionary-Makers and the Dictionaries They Made" in Japanese.
今日は"Chasing The Sun: Dictionary-Makers and the Dictionaries They Made"という本ほ日本語訳で読み終えた

I borrowed it from a [Shoud I use "the" instead?] city library.

I had thought it was about the history of ditionaries around the world because its Japanese name was "辞書の世界史" , which literally means so.

However, the book was mainly about the history of English dictionaries.

It had more pages than I had expected, and the pages were full of unfamiliar names of dictionaries and their authours.

Therefore, it was really boring to read the book at first.

But as I kept reading, I found that the book was highly suggestive.

I was particularly interested in the historical arguement over how dictionaries should be.

Some saw them as the supreme authority of language. Others considered them as a record of language.

Reading this argument, I couldn't help wondering about what language is in the first place.

Since all of you are learners of language, you may have had the same thought, too.

Today, there are many things I want to write, but it is too diffucult for me to put them in English.

Anyways, thaks for reading.

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