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Jun 20, 2012 22:07
There are various kinds of snacks in Shanghai, and I am going to introduce some of them.^^

1)小笼包(xiao3long2bao1)---> First picture
I believe many people know this.
It is very similar to Baozi, but the skin of it is very thin, and can be tore easily. Also, its taste is better than Baozi.
A good place to eat this kind of snack is the Guyi Garden(古猗园). Guyi Garden is a quant old garden built around 1522, additionally, it is one of the five oldest garden in Shanghai.

2)生煎馒头 Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork(shēngjiān mántóu)---> Second picture
Shengjian Mantou is not Mantou, and it is a little bit different from Xiaolong Bao.
A well know shop for making pan-fried buns stuffed with pork is XiaoYang Shengjian.
It has many chain stores in Shanghai; one is located in a Shopping mall near the Tianzi Fang (A creative center with a lot of artistic works).
I am a big fan of this snack, and I will take some home every time when I walk pass this little snack shop ><

3)粽子 Rice dumpling (zòng zi)---> Third picture
Rice dumpling is a kind of traditional food of China.(Not Korea's)
It is first made to honor a Chinese famous poet, whose name is Quyuan. (Not a Korean)
Quyuan is an official in feudal times. He wrote great articles, and he cared about his people and country. Though he was very loyal to his emperor, the emperor did not trust him. Qu was expelled from his country, and then he jumped into a river to end him self’s life.
However, his people loved him, and they don't want the fish in that river to eat his body, so people made rice dumplings and dropped them into the river, hoping fish could eat rice dumplings instead of eating his body. Also, they rowed dragon boats to scare fish away in order to protect it.
That's the origin of Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, and we eat rice dumplings in that day to honor Quyuan.
Honestly, you can find rice dumplings in any traditional food shop, but the quality is not so good, thus I recommend you to go to Qibao (七宝)to eat it. Qibao is a ancient town, many people go there everyday, and it is said that some shops there are very good at making rice dumplings.
By the day, if you have some Chinese friend whose family members can make rice dumplings by themselves, it's good to visit them during the Dragon Boat Festival. ^^