Worry About Her Safety (3)

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Jul 22, 2018 18:46
I have a good friend named Wu. He studies in Compiegne, a city famous for car engines and located to the north of Paris, while his girlfriend lives in Rouen, nicknamed "ville aux cent clochers," the city with hundred church towers, to the west of Paris. As you may know, the whole country orbits around Paris and the railway system is no exception. If we compare the train lines to arteries and veins, Paris is the heart. When go to Compiegne from Rouen or vise versa by train, we are obliged to take a stopover at Paris.

When I was living in Paris, if Wu's girlfriend would visit him, he would ask me to keep her company during one or two hours' stopover at the north railway station in Pairs, the biggest traffic hub in European continent. It is true that there are many emboldened burglars and thieves in Paris and that Asians are always their target. Meanwhile, I used to think that Wu demonized the security situation and worried too much about her safety. Now, Wu has been doing apprentissage, long-term intern, in Paris for two years and his girlfriend comes over to live with him in holidays. Even though she is used to living in such a melting pot, he is still protective of her.

Last month, my girlfriend went alone to Shanghai for a vocational training. Unlike in Paris and the most part of the world, video-surveillance system covers every urban corner in Shanghai and policemen could easily monitor people's behaviors in public venues. Even so, I was afraid of the safety of my girlfriend and it was then that I started to understand Wu. Therefore, I asked favor of my good friend in Shanghai to fetch my girlfriend to the hotel.