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Apr 22, 2012 11:36
This Monday we girls in a dormitory went to a activation centre of handicapped people to bring them some happiness.We taught them a simple dance that can everybody dance together to a bright music,which also do good for health.Than we played the piano and sang a few songs.The atmosphere was really full of pleasant.
I'm impressed by one of them,a 50-year-old man,with some white hair on the temples.He showed interest about my hometown and we started to talk.And he told me he want to visit a girl he adores for a very long time,but he didn't know what to talk with her and how to choose a gift.He cannot speak very clearly but I can feel his passion of love.He was just like a young boy who is shy to talk about girls.That girl is really lucky to have this love,although the boy is handicapped and not young.The love is real and strong.
What a beautiful story!I'd like to say more but it's time to sleep!It's really late now. Good night.
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