Composition 4

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Aug 20, 2015 23:16
Received the construction of the editor, the journalist at once went to the palace to obtain the facts. He counted the number of steps as he was walking to the palace. On arriving outside of the main gate, he realized that he forgot the gears to measure the height of the wall. He then came up with an idea and unfolded his bell in order to measure the wall. While he was busy measuring the wall, a policeman came up and asked what he was doing. Though the journalist explained that he was a journalist and writing an article about the new government, which required the exact number of steps and the height of wall, the policeman refused to believe him. He was arrested and sent to the prison because he was thought to be a spy. When the journalist was trying to send his revised article to the editor, he made things worse for himself. This proved to the police that he was a real spy and was trying to tell the secret and leaking important information.