Composition 3

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Aug 18, 2015 21:37
It was a sunny Saturday. Alf and three dustmen were getting out and collecting rubbish near the downtown. When they arrived at Mrs. Frost's house, it happened that his wife was visiting Mrs. Frost at the time.

Alf was just about to getting out of the dustcart. Suddenly, he saw that his wife was leaving Mrs. Frost's house. In a hurry, he got back and hid in the dustcart. He told his fellow dustmen what he just saw and asked for their help. Alf then sat in side of dustcart and other three dustmen were going out to work. However, with all of a sudden, Mrs. Bloggs came towards it. Other three dustmen jumped back to dustcart and drove away, for they were worried that Mrs. Bloggs would find the truth that her husband was a dustman.