Composition 2

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Aug 15, 2015 14:30
In a small village, there was a church with a big clock tower, which struck hours day and night. One day, the church clock suddenly stopped and had been silent ever since. It was surprised to everyone, but no one could explain why.

To investigate the incident, the vicar climbed the clock tower. In surprise, he found that the clock had been invaded by bees. There was a big beehive hung on the clock and there were hundreds of bees around it. On the clock, it was full of honey and wax, which made the clock stop to work. The vicar then discussed with people in the village how to remove the bees and repair the clock.

A bee keeper, who knew bees very well, was called to handle them. He first managed to remove the queen of bees out and the other bees followed as well. After the clock was cleaned, it was working again.
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