I made a paragraph , could u check it for me?

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Apr 5, 2012 13:39
Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy and also my favorite one of movie characters.

Darth Vader represents evil.

Darth Vader's armor provided a life support systems. the most important one is complex breathing apparatus.

He has huge helmet , that was conical and shiny black.

This helmet locked into the mask, The mask looks halfway around Vader's head.

Inside the mark, an implanted machinery linked to an electronic voice program can him to speak.

The mark eyes appeared bulbous.it’s looks like a big fly eyes.

He has a flowing black cape.

He has an evil weapon, that is red lightsaber. It makes a horrible sound.

All of his costumes are shiny black.

Today his a famous line comes to my mind.

“I’m your father”.