A busy month

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Aug 2, 2012 00:27
Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I didn't come to write something here. But it is not a sign that I'm less preoccupied by my English! In fact, I have been able to talk and listen to English a lot this month, with a trip to Prince Edouard Island and another to New York. It have been amazing to be able to be understood and understood, without having to repeat myself or asking others to repeat!

It is really useful to be in a English area and test our knowledge. Finally, I was not so bad as I was thinking. In a line, I have even talk about 20 minutes to a New Yorker like if I was binlingual. Two years ago, I was definitively not close to that.

I will keep reading and talking in English. I am now less afraid to open a novel a little more complicated, and I will continue to watch movies in their original version.

The last month of the summer has now begin. I have to decide if I take an advance Spanish class this autumn. I didn't practise a lot the last months.

Thank you for reading and correcting!