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Well, my background is a little bit confusing.
I'm a Chinese born in Indonesia, but speaks English since kindergarten, speaks Javanese at home, now studying in Taiwan (which uses Chinese) and currently learning Japanese and German in the university.

I also love to understand the connection between every languages.

Glad to meet you all. So far I'm only fluent in Indonesian and English. Chinese is next and for other languages I only understand some grammatical similarities and differences or some vocabularies (words) that rooted from other language.

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私の日本語作文が誰も修正ませんでした Nobody fixed my Japanese article

最近で私がlang-8.comに日本語の作文を書きました。 Recently I wrote a Japanese article on しかし誰も修正ませんでした。 But nobody fixed my article. 今で自分...
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Mar 26, 2012 22:55

Today we went to the farm. 我們今天去農場. 今日に私は農場に行きました。

Today, I went to a farm with the brothers and sisters from the church. 今天, 我與召會的弟兄姊妹們一起去一個農場. 今日に私と教会の兄弟姉妹たちが一緒に農場へ行きました。 We ate bar...
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Mar 25, 2012 18:47
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