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Jun 4, 2012 01:54
indeed for the normal texts we use left-to-right reading path but if we want read a hypertext we'll use semiotic spanning.
Semiotic Spanning is a chain process of intertxtual linking,so we jump from page to page without reading all texts .in other words are readers that choose their reading path freely.
The web page is structured in a no-linear way ,in the central part we see the homepage, left there is usually the menu who shows the website's main information.
Right there are often advertising banner that, with dynamic sequences , trying to catch readers attention.

fair trade

If you want construct an ethical communities you have to buy in fair-trade.The fair-trade is market model of international trade which aim is an improved of economy and culture in the developing countries.When you buy a frair-traid product a part of the earnings is given directly to local farmers.