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Jun 6, 2012 18:30
Again, we went for our lunch with a Canadian intern named Andreea. The food is noodles which I don't like very much.
Andreea has come here for about 1 month, I was so curious about what does she have for dinner everyday, because I don't think a foreigner can enjoy the food like rice, noodles or something like that. Several days ago I was so curious that I asked her this question, but answer was beyond my mind. She said she does not have dinner everyday, not for diet, just because she don't like the food here in China. Maybe that's why she rarely go for lunch together with us since the first time we had lunch together, she told us she just go for some sandwiches and coffees. However, she again went for lunch with us, she made herself some cold noodles which contains a lot of vegetables in it. When we finished it, I asked her how did her like the noodles, she kept silent for a while and answered,"OK, I like the vegetables in it, I don't care about the noodles.".
So, that's my lunch today, the Canadian inter again showed us that she is suffering from the inadaptation of food in China.
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