Please help me modify my diary: The Second Day When I Come Back from Home

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Mar 27, 2012 14:11 Diary
I have been working as a paralegal here in Beijing Dacheng Law Firm Shanghai Office for more than 3 months since mid-December last year. I turned to feel so stressful recently, I don't know why the good mood when I firstly come here disappear.
In fact my major in college is law and I was so excited to get this job last year, it is very hard for a law school student in China to find such a good job in a famous law firm like Dacheng. Maybe the reason is I gradually find that my English capacity is lower than required. As my teacher lawyer focuses on foreign issues, my work is filled with English especially legal English, I have try my best to improve my English just like my friends in LANG-8 to improve their Chinese.

[In addition, I really want to make a friend who can have a meet in person with me.]