The Haunted House

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Apr 15, 2012 00:54 FCE preparation story house cat
(the first sentence - incipit - is given and mandatory)

The haunted house

The old house looked abandoned. Sarah got off her bike and looked through the window.

It was quite difficult to look inside because the windows itself was incrusted and covered in dust, while the remains of what once was a black curtain were blocking part of the sight. Sarah was feeling uneasy. There was something weird and bizarre about that old house. She pressed her face against the cold and dirty glass, almost holding her breath so to avoid to interfere with any possible sound coming from the inside.

Her mom had told her more than a couple of times: “Sarah, leave that house alone! It’s dangerous. You could get hurt. That place is full of wooden planks, rusted nails and only God knows what else! Promise me you will never go there!”. And Sarah had promised. But she knew she couldn’t have resisted the temptation to explore that mysterious place: too close to her house, to inviting with its creepy aspect. Who could have said which amazing treasures were hidden in that abandoned house? Sarah decided to look for an open windows, but found none.

Then, just not to leave any stone unturned, she tried the door knob. To her amazement, the lock clicked! She felt a tingling sensation down her spine, as if something bad were about to happen. The door opened squeaking. A blade of light entered the door revealing a rocking chair covered in a dusty blanket, right there, in the middle of the entrance.

In that very moment, all of the sudden, the chair shook violently, the blanket flew away, while something was hitting the door with a loud boom. Sarah let out an high pitched scream, her hair rising on the head,and then jumped backward, like she had put her fingers in an high voltage socke. She started running so fast towards her home, that you could have thought she was riding her bike. Instead, she had left her bike behind, near the door of thehaunted house”. Where now a black cat, with a blanket on its head, was slowly licking its paws.
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