Essay - How advertisments can be dangerous for younger people - FCE preparation

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Apr 11, 2012 08:08 essay advertisment young FCE

Nowadays we live literally surrounded by advertisments. Advertisments are everywhere: on the TV, on the Internet, on the newspaper. And while advertising still plays a positive role in the economic system, it can easily push younger people towards compulsive shopping.

First of all, we should understand that not all advertisments are made the same. Some are more dangerous for young people than others. Kids should be made aware that usually companies try to sell products by making "status symbol" out of them. For instance, they could try to sell you a pair of shoes emphasizing their ability to make you a more appealing person, rather than spending words on the actual effectivness of the product in itself.In other words, they want to convince you that by buying a pair of shoes you can bring home a full blown winning lifestyle...

To make things even worse, younger people are much more vulnerable to these kinds of messages than adults, because they are in a stage of their life when being integral part of a social group is considered of the utmost importance. Teenagers tend to identify different social groups using symbols, such as specific brand of clothing, watches, shoes and so on. And manufacturers leverage on this vulnerabilty.

Moreover, the same piece of advertisment can be less or more dangerous for young people depending on the medium chosen to spread it. While a TV advertisment can be very pervasive and reach millions of viewers with a single spot, it still require you to think about it and to go to a shop in order to buy the advertised product. On the contrary, a banner on the Web can easily take you and your "virtual basket" to the checkout in a matter of seconds. It takes you just one click to spend your money under the impulse of the moment.

To sum up, while it must be aknowledged that advertising can help to improve sales and keep the economy working, we should be aware of it's ability to manipulate its targets. Because, in the end, many of those targets are our children.