Report - Italian families - FCE preparation

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Apr 9, 2012 06:42 Report family italian
Family life Italian style
With this short report I intend to offer an insight on how Italian families members spend their time together, and how family life has evolved in the last few years in our country.

Family group activities
Due to the fact that Italian’s lives are growing busier and busier, occasions in which family members can spend their time together are getting fewer and fewer. Usually kids and their parents can gather around the dining table just for the breakfast and the dinner. On Saturday afternoon is common to see whole families shopping in malls or supermarket. On the weekend, families are used to take short trips in the countryside, so to spend some time in the open air, practicing sports, camping, fishing, or just playing with the children.

Grandparents are the key
Grandparents play an important and very positive role in the average Italian family. Very often they live with their sons and grandsons: inside thisenlarged family” they can help to look after children during the day, when the parents are at work. Even more importantly, grandparents can give their peculiar contribution to kids education, giving them precious advices, telling them stories, playing with them and acting as an intimate and always available companion.

Family life in time
In the last ten years, Italian’s family life has deeply changed. This is because of the new and more complex role of women: once they would choose between having a child or pursuing a professional career, while nowadays they tend to do both things at the same time, as long as they get some help from the rest of the family. After all, in these days, renouncing a job is a luxury beyond the reach of the majority.

To sum up, I think that the average Italian family is undergoing a profound reshaping, due to the economical crysis the country is going through and a severe change in the traditional role of women as theperfect housewife”. Moreover, grandparents are growing as the cornerstone of the family, being the ones that make possible for parents to work and grow their children at the same time.