Formal/Semiformal Application letter - Young Volunteers Group - FCE preparation

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Apr 9, 2012 05:35 letter application semiformal formal
Dear Mssrs
I’m writing because I saw your leafleet about theYoung Volounteers Group”.

I would really like to join your organization, but I need some more information about it and how it works. First of all I read that you are offering a small amount of money - you call itleisure budget” - but I don’t understand exactly what this is about. Could you please give me some more details?

Since I gained some experience and knowledge about environment protection serving for a couple of years as a volounteer fireman in my town, I’m especially interested in the role ofenvironmental worker” that is mentioned in the leaflet. Can you please explain which specific kind of activities are these workers asked to carry out?

Should you accept my application, I will be available for the whole summer, since in that period I don’t have to attend school lessons and I’ve a lot of spare time. I would love to take part in the preparation course too, but, to be sure I can actually attend it, I need to know the exact date on which it will be held.

I look forward to hearing from you son.
Yours sincerely

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