I will do a presentation in English next week.

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May 13, 2012 12:05
I will do a presentation in English next week.
I publish the manuscript here.

Please give me correction.

Thank you for giving the opportunity of a presentation today.
From Mr. Hasegawa, let's told with Mrs. Imai by Skype .
When I was standing by at night, a telephone rings and Mrs. Imai began to talk in English suddenly.

"Only English.
From the beginning to ?"
I do not remember at all about what we are spoken.
Only one proposal was received.
At a next seminar, let's make a presentation in front of everybody.

Subject books are presentations studied to Steve Jobs.
Probably, Mrs. Imai asked to talk to me logically.

I heard Jobs's speech repeatedly.
I think that especially the congratulatory of the Stanford University graduation ceremony is wonderful.

There are three features of Jobs's speech.
1. A road map is shown.
He clarifies the goal of this speech.
He narrows down a target to three points.

2. Make Villain's Part.
An enemy is a problem.
And he clarifies a problem using three interrogative forms.
why, what, how

3. Show Target and Number.
He is intelligible language and tells a numerical target that anyone understands.
Since the subject has clarified,

The speech in English is the best for summarizing one's idea.