15th April 2012

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Apr 15, 2012 15:16
I'll write today's diary. Could you correct it?And if there are better expressions than mine, please tell me.
If you have your comment, it's also OK :)

Today I stayed at home to relax.
I sent email, cleaned my room and so on. I used "Eitama", too. "Eitama" is an App to study English. There are 12 characters. They are so cute ♡
I'll study abroad more than a year so I have to study English. I have to study for IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC and so on. It's OK because I like English :) but of course, I have to study my major, too.
My major is information science though I'm not interested in it...
There are three reasons why I chosen my major.
Firstly, I'm not good at computer but I need to use it since computer technology is developing rapidly in Japan. I don't study about computer by myself. If I choose information science as my major, I'm made to study.
Secondly, I'm interested in international cooperation, business, musical...etc... I can study about them by reading books and so on.
Thirdly, I wanted to be a international public employee. I knew I could take the entrance examination in my major field.
But now, my dream is waving...

Maybe even though Janese people can't understand my opinion because my opinion is strange...

Last year I was so busy and exhausted. I decided to spend my leisure time to relax this year!
I'll study English harder, too!!
I'll do my best!