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Hola a todos
Espero que os sean útiles las correcciones que os haga en castellano.
I´m trying to improve my English.

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miguel ángel

Random Sentences XVIII With native lang

1) In my childhood, every weekend I used to go to an amusement arcade with some friends. 2) It´s worth it learning English. 3) Petter s...
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Aug 29, 2014 16:15
miguel ángel

I have taken into account your corrections.

I have taken into account your corrections. We throw out glass, and glass jars in the green recycling bin. Besides, we throw out paper...
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Oct 1, 2013 00:55
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Testimonials from My Friends

Just can say exactly the same. Miguel works very correctly and always gives me good corrections. He has an awesome feeling for language. Tank you Miguel for helping me learn spanisch!
Bravo a Miguel Ángel! He has carefully corrected many of my Spanish poems. Él es un maestro natural. Miguel takes time to explain things well. Lang-8 es la suerte de tener gente como Miguel Ángel.