Being A Kind Korean

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Jun 19, 2012 12:54
A few days ago, when I was in a shopping mall, I saw a guy looking for a direction.
He was looking at a map of the mall.
Actually, the mall is famous because the building is like a maze.
I had been there several times, but I still don't know how to get to the store I want to go.
Anyway, I approached him and asked if there is anything I can help him with.
He said that he is looking for a bank to exchange his money.
It was almost six PM, so I said It's closed, but if he need I'll take him the bank.
While going to the bank, we made a conversation.
He said that he is from Mauritius and he is a doctor, he is visiting Korea to take part in a conference.
We exchaned email address and said goodbye.
I just got a thank-you letter from him for showing him the way.
I rarely have talked to foreigners in Korea, because of my bad English.
I'll just try to help foreigners although I would be embarrassed due to my bad English.
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