Film review: Chronicle (2012)

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Jun 24, 2012 21:02 films film movie fantasy
Chronicle is another film I've watched recently. It was released in 2012 and it's also a fantasy film, but this is the only similarity the film shares with Triangle (if you don't take into account the fact that both trailers give away ninety-nine percent of the story, that is).

Chronicle is one of those films that don't require you to think hard in order to understand the plot or the lesson that should be learned from it. It just invites you to sit back, enjoy every moment of it and savor the sensations of freedom and even euphoria which make the film unique because of its ability to perfectly convey them.

The plot is simple and clear. A group of friends discovers that they suddenly have superpowers after coming across a supernatural force in an underground tunnel, whose entrance is barred by the authorities the following day.

When you read about the plot, or the summary of the film, it sounds far-fetched and perhaps of no interest for some. This is the reason why I almost decided not to watch it at first. However, the way the filming is done makes it very realistic and enjoyable. The film is supposedly the found footage of the movie recorded by the main character, who has decided to film almost everything he does, at the risk of looking creepy to his friends and the people he meets.

The actors are all extremely convincing, which makes their characters real and compelling. In addition, the characters' behaviors and reactions are also natural, which adds to the realistic side of the film. This allows us to easily slide into the main character's shoes. We discover his life, his problems and his hopes.

The plot isn't centered on one big issue to solve. It's only about how the characters' states of mind evolve as they learn to master and developer their powers while being confronted to various importants events in their life. Put this way, you probably think that there's more talk than action in this film, but don't be mistaken! The sentimental part of the film only plays a minor role, and they just contribute to making the story more dynamic. There's not a single moment when you get bored.

The plot could have been a bit more complex and perhaps more interesting. It didn't really bother me, since I prefer too simple plots to too complicated and confusing ones, but the lack of depth of the story surely cost the film a few points in most reviews. It also explains why the film is relatively short (an hour and a quarter long).

Nevertheless it's still a great film in my opinion, not as great as The Prestige, but a close runner-up. I'd recommend it to you.

As always, thanks a lot for reading and correcting. This site's community is hands down the most helpful and friendly one I've come across.