Pink Floyd and tribute bands

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May 23, 2012 04:23 tribute bands pink floyd australian concert music
A tribute band is a band that makes covers of songs from a band that has generally broken up or is no longer active. I learnt on Wikipedia that cover bands were not to be mixed up with tribute bands. While cover bands try to make their covers unique by adding their own style to it, tribute bands want to remain as close as possible to the original.

Since an album from a tribute band would most likely sound like an imitation of the original album, it wouldn't have much interest. This is why most tribute bands don't release albums: they focus more on concerts. They can sometimes release DVDs of their performances, although it is quite rareindeed, why would you watch a concert on a screen when you can directly go to one, given enough time for them to perform in your city or a nearby one?

"The Australian Pink Floyd Show" is one of those tribute bands. It is a band made of skilled musicians and singers who have dozens of years of experience. The latter ones do a great work imitating the Pink Floyd singers' voice. I went to one of their concerts earlier this year, and I keep a great memory of it.

Pink Floyd is probably the band to which I listened the most during my growing-up. However, at some point, I stopped listening to it and my interest in them has been rekindled just recently. When "The Australian Pink Floyd Show" announced a concert in Paris, I had completely forgotten about Pink Floyd, but I thought it would be a good idea to go to a concert of a tribute band honoring the band that took the biggest place during my early youth.

The concert was a good couple of months away, but in that time I only listened to a live DVD from Pink Floyd, "Live At Pompeii". It's not a concert DVD, strictly speaking: there was no audience, and the shooting took several days. It's just the DVD of a live version of songs taken from several of their albums. The result is quite astounding and I easily consider it a masterpiece (okay, that sounded a bit cheesy).

I stuck with this album until the day of the concert arrived. I thought that not listening too much to Pink Floyd would make the live "tribute concert" more striking and enjoyable.

It turned out I was wrong. To begin with, the tribute band only played two songs from "Live At Pompeii", which I enjoyed a lotone of them, "One of These Days" was so good that it was my favourite song of the concert. I think that they stretched out certain parts of the song, or maybe I just lost sense of time. I also liked some other songs that I knew, and to a (much) lesser extent, some that I didn't know. In retrospect, I believe that I would have more enjoyed the concert if I had listened to more albums by Pink Floyd beforehand. It's hard (at least for me) to love a song after listening to it only once, so my statement makes sense to me. Still, this makes me wonder how people can enjoy music festivals, where most of their time is spent listening to bands they don't know.

The day after the concert, its first song kept being played inside my head, and when I got back home I felt the urge to listen to the studio version of the song. But to do so, I had to first find the name of it. That's how I discovered . This website is a wiki (that is to say, a website based solely on users' contributions) that aims to make the lists of the songs played in concerts. A person who had gone to the concert knew some of the titles of the songs, and that's how I managed to find the name of the one I was looking for: "In The Flesh". Every time I listen to it, it brings back great memories of the concert.

The concert made me discover new songs and albums by Pink Floyd and it got me back into the band. It also made me realize that Pink Floyd really is a safe bet. Every time that all the songs I usually like suddenly sound boring or not enjoyable to me, Pink Floyd comes to the rescue. It's been one of my favourite bands for years and I'm sure it will stay this way for a long time!

The concert was great regardless, and I'm glad I learnt something from it. I won't make the same mistake with the next concert I attend (Radiohead), since I already know their four most recent albums and, on top of that, various songs from their older ones. The concert will be played in October. The wait is long, but I'm halfway there, and I'm sure it will be a great concert, like every single one of them I've watched. I just can't wait!