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May 15, 2012 23:32
I have been studying English for about three months. I already studied this language when I went to school more than twenty years ago but unfortunately I have forgotten almost all. English is essential to have access at big quantity of internet’s information even a lot of jobs and traveling abroad. Learning is not so easy than I went to school. I always so busy and the time is never enough to study. I could have enrolled at an English course in my town but I’m trying to do everything myself. I’ll be more satisfied when I see my progress. When I will have enough improved my English, I’m going to go in England by the end of this year for learning vacation and then looking for a job to finance my study.
I'm trying to understand what the best learning method is. I have bought two grammar books and I also do some online english exercises. Sometimes I write to penpals friends. They fix my English letter and I do the same thing with their Italian letter; moreover I watch english movies with Italian subtitles but someone has told me that It's better watching them with original English subtitles but I think it is too early for me as well as reading English books. When I asked at friend of mine what his learning method was, he said me: "If I were you, I would talk with your friends in English by Skype". Yes, good idea, but I think that I'm not able to talk in English with someone, not yet.
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