The reason why a woman like her boyfriend's smell

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Apr 13, 2014 15:24 Essay
I found an intriguing article on web today but it's academic, so this entry was a little challenging for me.

They say that there is a biological reason behind the fact that a woman likes her boyfriend's smell.This reason also explains why most women doesn't like smells of men in her family.

The keyword is the gene. Women like the smell of men who has different genes from hers. More specifically, women like the smell of men who has a different type of HAL (Human Leukocyte Antigen) gene, called "Romance gene" from hers.

HAL is an antigen having information required for the human immune system. That one has a different HAL from another person means that he or she has different immunity information, which is very important biologically for survival.

Therefore, when women are attracted by smells of a man, this means that they need the man biologically. And women hate smells of men in her family because those men have similar HAL types to her.
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