[Translation] Dear students in Japan preparing for university entrance examinations (10)

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Mar 23, 2019 22:18 T.U
Surprisingly, Japanese officials involving educational administration don't admit their mistakes even now. Since objective data on education in Japan definitely shows the downfall of education in Japan, those officials have been preoccupied with the explanation like, "Although we have made consistent and right decisions, schools in Japan struggle to cling to the closed, out-of-date system, which has led to the deterioration of education. Therefore, it is imperative for us to switch the existing education system to a top-down one after denying teachers their right to self-determination. " They insist that complete debacle in education was caused by rebellious schools and they don't have any defects. Of course, they know in the back of their mind that the situation is serious, but they think it's too late to apologize. Basically, public officials don't say "I'm sorry." They believe not making an apology keep them from disgracing their organization, however, such a decision blocks the only way to turn for the better by learning from failure.