[Translation] Childish men increasing in Japan (5)

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Nov 25, 2018 09:20 T.U
When men’s childish cravings are met by just acting like a big baby, they would cling to the successful experience, leading to the increased childishness. I mean, underlying "love and independence" is the real problem that is more serious than it looks.

That is the fact that young men in Japan are pathetically becoming childish. The feature article of AneCan should have been bluntly like "What should we do with childish Japanese men?"

However, there's no doubt that those guys run off tearfully with strengthened childishness when they see their girlfriend or wive taking a magazine with them having such a title on its cover. So, from the aspect of their sale strategy, the publisher couldn't adopt such a title.

『Ane Can』の特集は、本来は「幼児化する男たちをどうしたらよいのか?」というにべもないタイトルになるべきだったのである。