I'm trying to write down what they are saying in this video.

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Dec 2, 2018 15:59 TMF
I'm trying to write down what they are saying in this video.

Could you correct the below?


I was wondering how people get Marfan syndrome. How does it start out with it?

Okay, how do people get Marfan syndrome? Okay, how many of you guys know about genes?

Okay, great! Okay, so genes are sort of like the blueprint that tells how your body gets put together.

One of, the one of the parts of their blueprint, and okay, it's called a fibrillin-1 gene in your body, in people with Marfan syndrome, gives the wrong message.

That abnormal message causes the problems that occur in Marfan syndrome.

That message is in your DNA, so that's where the genes are stored, and so that can be passed on, so that information is passed on from the parents to the children, which is why we look a lot like our parents, and our brothers and sisters. Right?

It turns out that for every piece of information that describes how the body's built, there's two copies in that blueprint, and so each of your parents, each of your parents will give you one copy. Okay?

Now it can be that they can pass down the abnormal one or the good one.

Unfortunately, if they get the abnormal one, it confuses the body and causes Marfan syndrome. Okay?

Now, so about two thirds of Marfan syndrome is passed on from your parents, okay?

So, how many of you have parents with Marfan syndrome?

I like it when things really work out.

Okay, how many of you don't have parents with Marfan syndrome?

Yeah good! I like it when the numbers come out just about right, so it's about 1/3 and 2/3, right?

Now what happened in the other third? Well, the blueprint has to be copied, right? And how many of you when you're doing your homework make mistakes once in a while when you are coping?

Yeah, you see? so that's what happens in the DNA as well, so at third of the time or a quarter to a third of a time, when copying the DNA when they're making the blueprint, they make a mistake and that's when you have a new kid of Marfan syndrome. Okay?

Why do kids get Marfan syndrome?

Why do kids get Marfan syndrome? Well, remember that it's a blueprint so that blueprint starts off from when you were little.

In fact, when you were inside your mother's womb, you already have the blueprint.

You begin to have the abnormality at that point. Now you may not show it as much when you're first born because some of that weakness that developed because of they abnormal copy doesn't manifest itself.

It doesn't become apparent until you're a little older, so let's say, uhh, there is the aorta, sometimes it gets pushed. The aorta is the big blood vessel that comes out of your heart. Right?

So it comes out a little bit big, but every day you're using your aorta. Right? And so it gets weak because it's little weaker, it gets bigger over time. So, that's why some of the things that we see, we don't see when you're little become a little bit more apparent when you're older.

Does that make sense? Is that actually your question? Okay, good.