Childish men increasing in Japan (3)

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Nov 10, 2018 10:05 T.U
When a man asks his girlfriend a question like, "Choose either your carrier or me," she should just respond to it "carrier" right away.
The reason is that a good thing is less likely to happen to her when she is with such a pathetic man.

I have nothing to say to a woman who insists, "No way! I don't care how stupid he is. I can't get rid of him!"

In the past, it was exclusively women who asked, "Which do you choose either your career or me?" However, for women, this was a rhetorical question, implying, "You enjoy something nice with me forgetting all about work," an arousing temptation.

So, any other answer except "You, of course," is not left for him because a man who takes time to respond to the offer would be immediately crossed out from her list of "Mr. Right."



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