[Translation] Dear students in Japan preparing for university entrance examinations (9)

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Mar 17, 2019 09:50 T.U
I believe Japan must sincerely accept a wake-up call from the US and UK regarding school education in Japan. However, our media hasn't covered this fact. Why?

Although it is very common a system has defects, it's not very common to half-listen to those who point them out and leave them uncorrected; this is a more serious situation. Every one of us can have a disease or get injured. When we go to hospital, the first thing to be done is to check which organ has a problem, which biological function fails, which bone in our body brokes, or where bleeding occurs because they are prerequisites to start treatment. But, in Japan, the fact that it has a negative evaluation from overseas is covered up. This means Japan has made a decision to throw away chances to reshape and correct their system.

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