[Translation] Dear high schoolers in Japan preparing for university entrance examinations (8)

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Mar 9, 2019 12:00 T.U
It seems the fact that the US and UK pointed out educational failure in Japan is historically significant. Both countries feel partially responsible for designing Japan's post-war institutional system since the Atlantic chapter and the Potsdam Declaration were announced. Leaving aside the UK, which sought an early exit for the attempt to gain the world, (as colonial power) the US is well aware of its responsibility and authority over the post-war system in Japan. Japan's declining national strength doesn't only mean decreasing profits in the US, but the responsibility weighs heavy on the US because the country assumed the task of rebuilding Japan after the war. Therefore, "friendly criticism" came first from those countries. China, South Korea, or ASEAN countries are less likely to bitterly comment on Japan's education. The reason is that even if Japan's educational failure weakens the country, it's just misfortune of somebody else for those countries; Japan's diminished presence in East Asia doesn't make any difference for them.