[Translation] Dear high schoolers in Japan preparing for university entrance examination (2)

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Jan 13, 2019 11:03 T.U
Japanese media are reluctant to mention this topic; in fact, it was a source overseas that let us know the fact by showing some specific evidence.

The October 2016 issue of "Foreign Affair," a US journal of politics and diplomacy, first featured an article pathetically titled "Japan Gets Schooled: Why the Country's Universities Are Failing."

The article concluded that the past 30-year college education in Japan was "complete debacle," based on statistical data such as the decrease in the number of thesis per population, which only Japan experienced in developed countries, education spending's share of GDP, which is almost always the lowest among the OECD members, or reduced international evaluation of studies in Japanese universities.

「日本の学校教育はどうしてこれほど質が悪いのか?」という身もふたもない特集記事を最初に掲げたのは米国の政治外交専門誌であるForeign Affairs Magazine の2016年10月号でした。