[Translation] Dear high schoolers in Japan preparing for university entrance examinations (7)

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Mar 3, 2019 12:06 T.U
Natural science is a global field independent of national borders or profits. People from every nationality, race, and religion collaborate in the process of advancing natural science and the fruits from it can be shared between mankind. Foreign scientists consider it lamentable that Japan, a huge contributor for the process, will not be likely to participate in the teamwork any longer, which is a tremendous loss for mankind.

The reason why Foreign Affairs, an U.S. political and diplomacy journal, warned about education in Japan is that it took seriously the downfall of Japan that the U.S. considers significant in international politics. For the U.S, Japan is the closest friend in East Asia and is a "part" of it. Leaving Japan's academic slump as it is can possibly undermine the profit of the U.S, which explains the reason why the journal used a harsh wording like "Japan's educational system is out of fashion designed for a pre-industrial era." I think this criticism can be taken as expressed "friendship," urging Japan to admit past mistakes immediately and come out with countermeasures against them.

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