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Mar 13, 2012 21:54 Shinya made 2 corrections for upset :(
sunao ni gomennasai to ieba kitto wakatte morae masuyo. suguni nakanaori dekiru kotowo negatte imasu.
Mar 13, 2012 01:16 Sen made 3 corrections for upset :(
You are heartwarming woman, aren't you? Good work, charisse-san(*^_^*)
Mar 13, 2012 00:07 Pookey made 6 corrections for upset :(
Seijitu sa ga daiji desune. It is important to be polite and sincere.
Mar 12, 2012 00:30 TAKESHI commented on zutsuu
Take care ! You should enjoy something or be relaxed to get rid of your stress and to keep your beautiful looking. I often suffer ...
Mar 11, 2012 12:20 Shinya commented on zutsuu
dutsu ga hayaku naoru to iidesune I hope you will recovere soon.
Mar 10, 2012 23:37 Ken made 1 corrections for zutsuu
nihongo nyuuryoku dekiru PC naidesuka? nihongo font aruto yoidesune
Mar 10, 2012 18:29 kimama taxi commented on zutsuu
kaite yomu dakede mo benkyoudesu murini mutukasii kotobawo oboenakutemo yasasii kotobade kaiwa dekiruyouni ganbari mashou shouraiha hi...
Mar 10, 2012 00:11 Sen commented on zutsuu
You will be good in Japanese soon(*^_^*) ganbatte(^o^)/~~~
Mar 9, 2012 22:49 JugemPaipo made 4 corrections for zutsuu
Good luck! Your Japanese is good, I think:) Why don't you write sentence in Hiragana?
Mar 9, 2012 22:48 Student commented on zutsuu
Odaiji ni! Take care of yourself!
Mar 9, 2012 22:45 Qufla made 3 corrections for zutsuu
You can do it! Good luck:)
Mar 9, 2012 22:44 tacky made 1 corrections for zutsuu
Mar 9, 2012 18:01 Lapis commented on bored
Hello! kyou wa yasumi desu. The "wa" annexed a subject pronounce "wa". But when we write in HIRAGANA , it is writt...
Mar 9, 2012 09:32 kimama taxi commented on bored
私が日本語で書く最初の日記です。I write a first diary in Japanese. 日本語は難しいです。I's difficult for me to learn Japanese. 正しいかな? Is it a right or ??
Mar 9, 2012 00:51 KJ commented on bored
Good Job!! You are good challenger. Japanese Kanji is also difficult for Japanese. 家 pronounce 'ie' 'ka'and'ke' ...
Mar 9, 2012 00:28 Sen commented on bored
nanndaka kawaii desu(*^_^*) gannbatte kudasai、ouenn shitemasu!
Mar 9, 2012 00:04 Ken commented on bored
Keep at it!!^^
Mar 8, 2012 23:59 tosh8588 made 1 corrections for bored
Good diary!
Mar 4, 2012 18:45 tosh8588 commented on I'm a new member (^O^)
私もnew memberです! よろしくお願いします!
Mar 4, 2012 01:36 toumin commented on I'm a new member (^O^)
こんにちは。よろしくおねがいします。 Hello Charisse!let's study together :D
Mar 3, 2012 21:25 commented on I'm a new member (^O^)
3月3日は「ひな祭り」です。今日のエントリーに「ひな人形」の写真をアップしたから、よかったら見てね。 Today, March 3rd is Hina-Matsuri, the Doll's Festival for girls. I've uploa...
Mar 3, 2012 17:59 commented on I'm a new member (^O^)
Helle! I'm a new member, too. I'm Japanese, and I want to learn English. Thank you for your help.