What do these Japanese sentences mean?

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Jul 25, 2009 12:34
1. Keeki no tsukurikata wo oshiete kuremasenka.

I think it means "Can you teach me the cake's recipe?" What does "kuremasen" mean?

2. Kare wa furansu ni katte hoshii desu.

I think it means "He wants to win in France." What is the root verb of "katte?"

3. Watashi wa indo nitsuite no zasshi wo yonde imasu.

I think it means "I'm reading a magazine concerning India." What does "nitsuite" mean?

4. Watashi ga hataraite ita kafe de aimashita.

I think it means "I worked at the cafe." What does "ita" and "aimashita" mean?
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