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Mar 11, 2012 00:14
Now I'm job huntinng,so I'm wearing black suit and going to comapany to take workshop day after day.

College students in Japan mostly starts their job hunting from latter 3rd grade and finish it by end of 4th grade.So there are only 1 year to decide their lifelong job.I think this Japanese recruit system is ridiculous.
Many company in Japan place separately freshman and midyear,and if you graduate from college just for 1 yaer,you would take disadvantage.
I can't understand this system.
1 year is not enough time to decide my future.

And there is one more thing I wanna complain about.
Many Japanese company extremely value which university you are belonging to(academic background).So If you belong to not good university,you couln't get satisfactory job,even take part in workshop.
This system spoils our personality,character and even one's future.

I wonder there is academic discrimination in other countries,and how do they get vocation.
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