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Mar 15, 2012 00:02
In this era, people start to pay much attention to education justice in order to build a fair and dense academy atmosphere. One of these controversies lies in whether the subject and lesson contents should be decided by the authorities such as the government. Some people suggest that the decision makers should be teachers rather than authorities. I’m supportive of the argument that the subjects designed by government have a negative impact upon the personal growth, creativity spirit and practical capacity of students.

Admittedly, it is widely accepted that government involvement could enhance the efficiency when formulating the subjects and lesson contents. Moreover, from a pragmatic perspective, few can deny that some national examinations, including the college entrance examination, are actually based on the uniformity of lesson contents design by authorities.

However, there are at least several reasons to back up my point of view. To start with, the abovementioned statement has clearly neglected the importance of the personality development, which is especially crucial for the students who are in their personalities moulding stage. Plenty of evidence has shown that it is the teachers, who have the most comprehensive understanding of their students, even doing better than those students’ parents, not to mention the government. Therefore, they could decide the subjects and lesson content according to their students’ own needs. In addition, it is a common sense that China and other similar big countries have various of situations resulting from the huge disparities of region and wealth, which lead to the fact that the central governments and other authorities can hardly take account into all cases.
In addition to the individual development, another indispensable part of my argument is that it could prevent students from ideological impact, when their lesson contents was designed by civil organization.

From the points enlisted above, subjects and lessen content, as crucial parts of children’s education process, could be more reasonable to designed by teachers. Authorities involvement could cause irreversible negative effect potentially.
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