A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in your country. Where should this visitor go on that day. Why?

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Aug 25, 2010 07:04 Q&A
If I should recommend a foreign visitor who has only one day to spend in my country. For the following two reasons, I think he or she should go to Akihabara.

One is that we can buy a lot of new and rare electrical appliances. There are more than 50 electrical appliance shops which display and sell various items quickly at Akihabara. For example, I went to Akihabara last Sunday in order to buy an electric cord. I had a plan to buy it first. But when I looked around some shops, I wanted to buy some other new and rare items such as iPhone 4 which went on sale last months, some red lights which is used in police cars, and the DVDs of famous animation with dolls. As a result L bought them besides an electric cord.

The other is that we can see original Japanese subculture such as comic books, animations, and games. There are a lot of them Akihabara because electrical appliance shops sell them. For instance, when I went to buy a game for PlayStation, I could see some persons who wore the costumes which the game characters wearing. They are called the costume players, they wear them and go to Akihabara every weekend. Such people can be seen only Akihabara.

In conclusion, I suggest that a foreign visitor who has only one day to spend in my country go to Akihabara. Whenever I go there, I enjoy buying some new and rare items and watching the costume players.