Practice test 3

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Mar 3, 2012 00:19
Sorry very long .. T_T ..

1. How many times a month do you watch DVDs? I watch DVDs once a week. It's mean four times a month. Because my major is movie design so I enjoying watch that and that is compulsory.

2. Where and when do you usually watch DVDs or videos? I usually watch DVDs in my home at night. But recently, many DVDs room are still on rise in korea so I use there too.

3. If you were to pay a monthly flat rate, would you rent DVDs? Why or why not?
If I could find reliable service that offered a flat DVDs rentals. I would rent DVD. But, I will see they have lot of movies, and How often update. Because I watched almost every movies in the past. And then, If all terms are satisfied me, It's worth it to me. Also I wish they have internet site. It's more comfortable as me.


1. How often do you drink water during the day? I'm not counting that, So I don't know exactly, But I think five times a day. now that I see, I should try to more drink water.

2. Where can you usually find drinking water in your country? In korea, many people buy from store. Also water purifier is setted up in most houses, We can get water easily.

3. Which do you prefer to drink at home, bottled water or tap water? Why? I prefer to drink bottled water. Because I think it's more than clear tap water. Also tap water clear too. But, In my opinion, there is a limit. And then near by my house, there is market, so on the way home, I can buy that easily.


1. How often and where do you usually go shopping? Actually, I love going to the department every weekend. But, I don't buy everytime. One day I buy something, which day I'm just window shopping.

2. What was your most recent purchase? As you know, The weather warmer and warmer, so I bought a spring wear

3. Do you prefer to shop for clothes online? Why or why not? I really prefer online shopping. Because you can draw comparisons with the others shopping mall just one click. so you can save your time and you can receiving point. It's killing two birds with one stone!
you can save your time and you can receiving point. It's killing two birds with one stone!


1. Where do you usually look for information on jobs? Most often, I search job sights on the Internet. Actually, 6 month ago I had part time job in online shopping mall, the job found in internet too.

2. What is the most important thing for you in a job? The most important thing for me is that I really want to my duty. Because in my opinion, efficiency will improve if I enjoying that. And actually I wanna be a flight attendant, so I pursuing service-sector jobs for build up similar experience.

3. What are some good ways to prepare for a job interview? I think smile. Because, first impressions last for a long time, so we need have a good first impression. and research on the company that I am applying to. Also I make sure that my resume is clear, easy to read, and void of errors. Finally, I practice answering certain question.

Sorry very long .. T_T ..