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Mar 7, 2012 01:59

  →What'up? You get wet to the skin.


 →I have been walking from my house because the bus didn't come because of heavy snow.

(3)本当に昨日からひどい雪だね。 ぼくは大学近くの友達のところに泊まったので苦労しなかったよ。

 →It has been snowed heavily since yesterday.
I didn't have any trouble because I stayed at my friend's house near the college.


 →I couldn't have my father send by car because my car was covered with snow when I woke up.

(5) ほんとに大変だったね。雪の中歩いて寒かっただろう?

 →It must have been really serious. You were cold because you walked while it is snowing,weren't you?


 →No,I feel good as if I had went skiing.