Mid Summer Celebrations or Activities

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Jun 19, 2012 21:29
It is summer solstice tomorrow in Korea. At this time every year we Koreans usually brace for upcoming rainy season. We do the laundry including bedding and prepare kimchi because vegetables are rare and expensive during rainy spell. After the rainy season, Koreans supplement our diet with ginseng chicken soup on the 3 dog days. As an elementary schooler, I used to stay at school riding swings and other rides well into the evening during midsummer days.

But recently the dry spell threatens to damage crops, as this country enters a critical planting season. So many are afraid of the failure of this year’s harvest.
Reportedly in the UK at this time every year thousands people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate summer solstice, watching through the night and observing the dawn as it breaks on the longest day.
Is there any other celebration during mid-summer in your country?