Spring Festival

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Mar 7, 2012 10:31
My teacher assigned me with writing a short essay about spring festival to help me for the AP test. I need help editing it because it has A LOT of grammar errors. If you could also explain some of the corrections you make so that I can remember them later, I would be most greatful. :)


Hello everyone. Today my topic will be about spring festival. I want to introduce everyone to spring festival customs. My speech has 3 parts: preparation, food, and celebration.
In spring festival there are preparations one must make to welcome the new year. There is a special rhyme that says what you have to do: “二十三 糖瓜粘 the 23th for god. People will paste red couplets and door gods on doors. 二十四 写福字 the 24th to write the word "happiness" 二十五 扫尘土 the 25th to clean home. Chinese families give their houses a thorough cleaning. 二十六 炖牛肉 the 26th to stew beef. Chinese families begin cooking the spring festival feast. 二七二八把面发 the 27th and 28th to make facial hair 二九对联贴门口 the 29th to post poetic couplet. Days before the festival, stores, offices and streets will be decorated with red couplets and decorations. Follow these steps to prepare for the New Year.
The second part is cooking the spring festival food. In spring festival, families come together to cook traditional food like dumplings, fish, nian gao, and yuan xiao. The dumpling looks just like money from old china. If someone finds a coin in their dumpling, they are lucky. Fish sounds like save more so people feel it is prosperous to eat fish. In Chinese, Nian Gao sounds like "getting higher year by year". So people also feel they will be prosperous by eating this. Yuan xiao is eaten with the family in New Year’s festival. The round shape of the balls and the bowls where they are served, come to symbolize the family togetherness. All the food eaten in the spring festival has a meaning: to bring luck or prosperity into the family.
The third part is to celebrate. Nowadays, people celebrate by watching the annual CCTV New Year Gala which lasts till the beginning of the New Year. Lighting Firecrackers is also a tradition of spring festival. “Lucky money” is the money given to kids from their parents, grandparents and bosses to their employees as a New Year gift. Parents and grandparents first put the money in small, especially-made red envelopes called hongbao and give the red envelopes to their kids. The Yuanxiao (Lantern Festival) is on the 15th day which marks the end of the Spring Festival celebrations. Here lanterns can be seen everywhere and have riddles on them. People try to solve them for fun.
Thank you for listening to my topic about spring festival. I hope that next year, you will be able to celebrate spring festival and have fun.


大家好。今天我想谈谈春节。我想介绍习俗。我的演讲内容分为三个部分:准备,食品, 和 庆典。

春节有准备欢迎新年。有韵告诉你怎么做.“二十三 糖瓜粘. People will paste red couplets and door gods on doors. 二十四 写福字 write the word "happiness" 二十五 扫尘土. Chinese families give their houses a thorough cleaning. 二十六 炖牛肉 Chinese families begin cooking the spring festival feast. 二七二八把面发. 二九对联贴门口 Chinese families make couplets. 按照这些步骤来准备新的一年。

其次部分是做春节的饭。家人来一起做传统饭,如交子,鱼,年糕 和元宵。交子跟旧中国钱看看一样。 如果有人交子里找一枚钱他们是幸运的。鱼听 'save more'所以有人觉得吃鱼很繁荣。年糕听 'getting taller every year'所以有人觉得吃年糕很繁荣。一起人家吃元宵在春节。那个圆球塑造象征家庭团聚。所有春节反有意。
第三部分是庆典。如今有人看cctv庆典春节。照明爆竹。父母和祖父母给孩子lucky money,红包。有家庆典春节的完了在元宵。你到处会看灯笼。有的灯笼有灯谜 人们试图解开这个谜。