Effective way to kill the time???

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Mar 13, 2012 10:25
I've got too much free time, and I'm wondering how I can use time effectively.

I do not like to touch laptop all time because then my eyes get tired.

How do you kill the time?

I bake the cakes, run around the lake, and sleep..

I like reading book and watching movie but I cannot concentrate on it
unless I communicate with people to some extent.
I don't like being alone for a long time, I'm easy to feel loneliness:((((

The problem is that many of my friends are busy with their study or classes, but I don't have it now, about 1 week from now.

That's why I'm worrying.

Should I go to British and experience home stay??
though it costs money X(((
money money money...

By the way, how do you think about couch surfing?
I've never tried it but I'm interested in it =D
I just registered it before and had kept it...now I remembered! ^^

Anyway I'm sleepy now...
have a nice dream^^