Japanese girls

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Mar 9, 2012 07:42
My Iranian friend said that Japanese girls are popular among foreigners, but I don't think so.

Because now I've been abroad for 7 months but nothing happened to me..hahaha!!!!!

Anyway, according to him,
some foreigners just want 'Japanese' nationality.
Or some foreigners assume Japanese girls as flexible and obedient, so
they think Japanese girls just follow their way.

I cannot say that it's totally true.

Because actually I'm selfish. Also, if I got married, I wanna share the house
works equally with my husband.

However I can say that, generally Japanese, especially Japanese girls,
tend to respect others opinions.

When people are gathering, normally we don't say our opinion actively.
And we tend not to say something directly.

Because saying own opinion too much is kind of ugly in Japan (especially girls).
I think it is not good.

But actually I cannot say my opinion in front of many people, I don't know why..
Maybe I've got used to doing so..

In good way, we are good listeners, but bad way we are kind of timid.