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Feb 28, 2012 07:07
I think having a boyfriend or girlfriend is troublesome...:D

They seem busy anytime...

I don't want my friend to have girlfriend, Cuz then he cannot hang out
with us...

But I don't wanna be his girlfriend, Cuz then he is no longer my friend...

If you have a lover, your own free time's gonna be less, and time for friends is also.

Maybe my sense sounds strange for some people.

I guess I've never loved someone seriously.
And I really love my friends.
That's why I think so.

But if I loved someone seriously someday, it may change.

In Japan, There are many girls who need a boyfriend anytime, talking and worrying
about love anytime.

It was hard for me to understand them...X( haha

How do you think about having lover?
Please tell me your opinion:D

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