Sweden and Japan

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Feb 26, 2012 10:57
Good evening!
Now it's 02:10 AM.

Today, I wanna write about some topics of Sweden and Japan as title suggests...

I'm from Japan, and now I'm studying in Sweden.
I've been here for 6 month and more 4 month left now.

I'm 20 years old now.

Since when I was a junior high school student, I really wanted to
go abroad, especially Western country, because I loved studying English very much.

When I enrolled University in Japan,
I'd decided to study abroad.

My home University has some exchange Universities, And I wanted to go
Canada or Hawaii or Sweden.
And finally I decided to apply Swedish University, since I thought
there would be a host of Japanese in Canada and the U.S.

Also,when I was a high school student, Swedish student came
to our school and studied 1 year there.
He could speak English very well, so I wanted to know why Swedish
people can speak English fluency.

Japanese also learn English in junior high and high school,
but our English is not good or..very bad compared with other countries.

That's the reason why I am in here Sweden, and I love Sweden!=D
Here is so calm, I mean, both nature and people.

And Swedish and Japanese are said to be similar,
in terms of shyness XD
I think Swedish people are generally not loud and they are kind of shy
like Japanese^^

But the two countries are very different at the same time.
Because maybe you know, in Japan,
normally we have to work very hard after graduate the University.
Even when we are students, we work much as a part time job.

I think because there is the atmosphere that we should work hard.
And working hard is regarded as a virtue.

But in Sweden, it's totally different.
Shops and restaurants are closed very early and opening hour of office is
very short compared to Japan.

Also, classes in Swedish University is less than Japanese.

I think it's the biggest difference.

Next, Swedish people can speak English very well.
Even they are not students, they can.

I think because the grammar is similar to English,
and there is a TV channel dealing with American TV shows with
Swedish subtitle.

And they start learning English maybe 9 years old...
Sorry, I don't remember clearly, but I guess my friend said so..

We learn English the age of 12.
But it'll be changed earlier.

I love both two countries...
So I hope Sweden and Japan have a good connection and be more close
countries! :)