At the right moment.

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Dec 23, 2012 22:23
As my mother once pointed out to me, I open just played in the past.
Current, I'm feeling very regret. If I studied more hard than past, I didn't worry for English. I think that the man should always study at the right moment.
anyway, I have to study harder than now for examination tomorrow.....ใ…œใ…œ
์—„๋งˆ๊ฐ€ ์–ธ์  ๊ฐ€ ๋‚ด๊ฒŒ ์ง€์ ํ•˜์…จ๋“ฏ์ด ๋‚˜๋Š” ์˜ˆ์ „์— ๋„ˆ๋ฌด ๋†€๊ธฐ๋งŒ ํ–ˆ๋˜ ๊ฒƒ๊ฐ™๋‹ค.
์ง€๊ธˆ ๋‚˜๋Š” ํ›„ํšŒ๋ฅผ ๋Š๋ผ๊ณ  ์žˆ๋‹ค. ๋งŒ์•ฝ ๋‚ด๊ฐ€ ์˜ˆ์ „์— ์ง€๊ธˆ๋ณด๋‹ค ๋” ์—ด์‹ฌํžˆ ๊ณต๋ถ€๋ฅผ ํ–ˆ๋‹ค๋ฉด ์ง€๊ธˆ ๋‚˜๋Š” ๊ณต๋ถ€์— ๋Œ€ํ•ด ๊ณ ๋ฏผํ•˜์ง€ ์•Š์•˜์„ํ…๋ฐ.... ์‚ฌ๋žŒ์€ ์–ธ์ œ๋‚˜ ์ œ๋•Œ์— ๊ณต๋ถ€๋ฅผํ•ด์•ผ ํ•œ๋‹ค๊ณ  ์ƒ๊ฐํ•œ๋‹ค. ์•„๋ฌดํŠผ ๋‚˜๋Š” ์ง€๊ธˆ๋ณด๋‹ค ๋”์šฑ ์—ด์‹ฌํžˆ ๊ณต๋ถ€ํ•ด์•ผ ํ•œ๋‹ค... ๋‚ด์ผ ์‹œํ—˜์„ ์œ„ํ•ด...