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Jul 5, 2012 00:41
How are you ready for job? Well, In my case, I start looking for job checking out job offers on websites. If you have personal connection to get a job, it is better than websites because it is easy to understand relationship among people who serve the job. I think human relations is totally important for any jobs.

Basically, in Japan, people have been working for 8 hours a day, and five-day work week is adopted. Even on Friday, they work the same as other week days unlike other countries which shorten work time on Friday.

To have difficulty finding a job is social problem in my country. Young people who graduated from a university strive to get a job desperately, but it is so crucial that even the people who apply for more than 20 companies cannot get a job surely. Unfortunately, the rate of suicide increase because of the cause.

Companies tend to hire the people who work part time and as a contract employee. It is because they can deal with temporary staves more easily than regular employees thanks to less responsibility.