The Joy of Shopping.

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Jul 4, 2012 03:15
In Japan, women are said that they really like shopping. How is your country? Our generation, unlike my father's generation who directly go to shops and buy something there, have a chance to get something by mail order such as Amazon. We pay by credit card then, which is common in North America, even though Japanese people usually use cash in shops. people in some countries try to negotiate a shop assistant regularly when they buy something. Japanese people don't do that unless we go to special market where people can ask to discount.

Some users on Lang-8, who were asked the reasons why they study Japanese by be and answered that they want to visit one day, had better visit Japan as soon as they can if they want to buy a lot here. Because our sales tax will increase thanks to recent main regime in Japan. you can change and refund easily if you have defective products in Japan. It is partly because shops compete the ready service to solve the claims of customers. It is proud quality for Japan.