We are a spices which cannot judge good or bad without comparing something  〜あいのうた〜

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Mar 12, 2012 01:09

My sister used to sing this song in our house in the countryside, switching on a rice cooker, cleaning rooms, and playing piano, so I would heard it when I was young. I recalled this song and the memory.

She has two sons now. When I think about it, I always have a feeling that I admire her because it is not easily to bear and bring up them.At such times, I also noticed that my parents must have been weary to raise four children, especially me because I was not a good boy.

Majority of creatures are born as undeveloped state. Even a small seed has overflowing possibility and inevitable weakness. At the very second when we were born, we were not said to "Live " or "Survive", but we seemed to know that we had to live and survive without a purpose or having itself as a purpose.

Now, are you losing possibilities which were too enough and replacing uncontrollable weakness into firm strength? Are we just making implements to hide our weakness and guiltiness around ourselves?

We are a spices which cannot judge good or bad without comparing something, so I want to put my gratitude on the scene which is familiar to me, such as nature, people, and even air, without comparing.